Ensuring optimum coolant flow during chemotherapy treatment

Paxman Coolers has used the Titan 800-Series flowmeter from Titan Enterprises in its innovative Scalp Cooling System for chemotherapy treatment.

The Paxman scalp cooler has been used by over 100,000 patients in 32 countries and is responsible for helping patients to keep their hair and retain normality during chemotherapy. The treatment works by lowering scalp temperature before, during and after the administration of chemotherapy. About 65% of patients will undergo a chemotherapy that will cause hair loss. Approximately 4million patients worldwide will lose their hair in 2016, and by 2030 over 6.7million patients will lose their hair without scalp cooling.

To address this challenge, Paxman Coolers turned to Titan Enterprises to develop a flowmeter to monitor the rate of coolant flow around its cooling cap. With the 800-Series turbine flowmeter Titan Enterprises was able to provide Paxman with the technology to ensure that the coolant flow rate is kept within an optimum range to provide the patient with the best possible chance of keeping their hair.

Operating over six flow ranges from 0.05 to 15 litres per minute, the Titan Enterprises 800 Series turbine flowmeter combines high performance and competitive pricing and offers a balance of measurement accuracy, long term resistance to coolant fluids, high reliability and ease of maintenance. Using totally non-metallic wetted components suits the 800 Series for the metering of corrosive chemicals in particular.