Flexible and safe explosion-proof motors

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplies explosion-protected motors worldwide. Drawing on an extensive SAP-managed modular product range, the global manufacturer is able to quickly and comfortably configure drives for hazardous areas with absolute safety.

Depending on the zone – whether 1 or 2 for gas, or 21 or 22 for dust atmospheres – optional external fans, backstops, and brakes are fitted as required to suit the application. Vector controlled operation with a frequency inverter is also possible on request.

The motors are suitable for operation at ambient temperatures up to 60°C. In addition, NORD supplies gas and dust-explosion-proof gear units. These comply with EN 13463 and feature ignition protection type Ex c (constructional safety). The motor can be mounted directly on the gear unit. The current products meet the 2014/34/EU Directive, which came into effect on 20 April, 2016, and the provisions of IEC Ex.