Fully integrated proximity probe

Sensonics has introduced a range of proximity sensors with an integrated driver suitable for measuring shaft vibration, position and speed on rotating plant. Building on its Senturion proximity probe range, the PRI Series offers a single probe assembly solution with direct processed outputs.

The PRI range probe is suited to applications such as the monitoring of large marine diesel engines where the use of separate drivers is not a preferred solution due to the high channel count and associated expense.

The probe temperature range is limited to 80°C due to its integrated electronics and is thus suitable for most pumps, fans and hydroelectric generator vibration monitoring applications. Removing the need for the separate driver and associated housing is said to provide significant cost savings with no compromises in measurement accuracy.

The PRI series offers processed outputs of shaft vibration and position through a 4 to 20mA current loop and is ideal for OEM applications, connecting directly to the local machine PLC or a plant wide DCS. Customised outputs are also available on request for specific applications.

The probe also provides a raw buffered output of the measured signal that can be utilised through portable analysis equipment for a more detailed picture of the dynamic performance of the machine.