High performance miniature valve for medical device applications

Parker Hannifin has unveiled its VSO LowPro miniature proportional valve for controlling the flow rate of inert gases in medical equipment. Being 16mm wide by 14mm tall, the valve is claimed to address a key requirement for small portable devices where installation space is at a premium.Typical applications for the valve include pressure control, volumetric flow control and pulse dose control in devices such as portable oxygen concentrators, ventilators and patient monitors.

With the VSO LowPro reliability is assured with operations up to 25million cycles. The valve is also said to offer typical flow rates of up to 45 SLPM with a maximum of 2W power at room temperature. With an orifice of up to 2.03mm and a weight of 12g, the VSO LowPro is claimed to perform the function of valves three times its size without sacrificing power.

Three voltage models are available, 5, 12 and 24Vdc. The two-way, normally closed VSO LowPro valve is designed to handle air, oxygen or any non-reactive, non-condensing gases. Low power of, typically 1W, enables portable capability and allows designers to reduce the size of the power supply or battery.

The VSO LowPro valve can be controlled by either voltage or current; however, it is recommended that current control be employed to ensure the most repeatable valve flow performance. For PWM (pulse width modulation) control, the signal applied to the valve should have a frequency of between 5 to 12kHz, with the optimum frequency dependent on the application.