Improving accuracy and performance of high-speed applications

Allen-Bradley has released the CompactLogix 5380 controller from Rockwell Automation is said to provide more precision, connectivity and up to 20% more application capacity than previous CompactLogix versions.

The CompactLogix 5380 controller is said to help meet the demands of manufacturers that are under pressure to increase production speed and throughput while still maintaining quality as well as increasing demand for smart machines.

Suited for high-speed applications with up to 20 axes of motion, the CompactLogix 5380 controller is said to bring the benefits of the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture portfolio into the CompactLogix size. When combined with the Allen-Bradley Bulletin 5069 Compact I/O system, scheduled outputs improve I/O response time to as fast as 0.2ms.

In addition, a dual-configurable, 1Gbit Ethernet port supports device-level-ring topologies or the use of multiple IP addresses. The ability to create multiple IP addresses is especially useful for manufacturers seeking to establish network separation between plant-floor and enterprise-level traffic.

The CompactLogix 5380 controller supports enhanced security as part of a defence-in-depth approach to help protect facilities, assets and intellectual property. The controller incorporates advanced security technologies and software features, including digitally signed and encrypted firmware, controller-based change detection, and audit logging. It also provides role-based access control to routines and add-on instructions.