Industry 4.0 ready drivesystems

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has launched its ‘NORD 4.0 READY’ scalable electrical drive systems and software to cover the full spectrum of tasks, from simple actuators to complex networked systems. These products are designed to be integrated into communication systems in the Industrial Internet of Things.

Low-maintenance, versatile distributed drive controllers ranging up to 22kW are available for synchronous and induction motors, covering a large percentage of industrial applications.

Featuring powerful processors plus an onboard PLC, the frequency inverters can handle complex control processes, autonomously respond to process conditions and even resolve malfunctions. The inverter PLC processes data from connected sensors and actuators and is said to supply high-quality drive and application-related data to the control room and other network nodes.

NORD’s drive units can form groups for certain tasks, for instance to synchronise speed or positions. Pre-defined parameter sets for many commonly required functions including the PLCopen motion control modules facilitate application development.