Integrated microstepping motor and drive

Mclennan Servo Supplies has launched a low cost version of its STM series NEMA 17 and 23 frame stepper motors with integrally mounted microstepping drive and control.

The new STM-R strips down the choice of control options available through the range to offer only step and direction or cw/ccw pulse control modes. Offering best value for OEM applications, the units are designed for use with an external controller that would typically provide one of these types of step/pulse signals. STM-R integrated steppers include three digital inputs that accept pulse/direction and enable/disable motor power signals at 5 to 24VDC. A single digital output is included for drive and motor fault. The drive uses the same sophisticated current control, anti-resonance, torque ripple smoothing and microstep emulation that is found throughout the STM series. Users requiring stall detection or position verification can choose an optional 4000 count/rev encoder option to use in conjunction with their own controller to monitor encoder position whilst commanding motor position.