Laser machining made easy

LG Motion, designer and manufacturer of motion control products and systems, has released CAD/CAM software from Polaris which enables a machine operator to design parts, import part files run by the machine and inspect the finished product.

The software also controls the laser source, positioning stage, galvoscanner and machine vision camera.

Polaris Motion specialises in the design and development of control solutions for CNC machines in laser-based manufacturing, diamond tool cutting and grinding of optical surfaces and for other specialised CNCS used in high performance applications.

The software allows for a wide range of 2D and 3D CAD files to be imported and objects are easy to draw. Users can draw by hand and add precision parameters such as size, position, motion and laser parameters which can also be entered as variable which are easy to control and change.

Additional features and functions include a stitching tool and infinite field of view (IFOV), combining fast motion of the Galvoscanner and the long stroke motion of the stage. Stitching allows the division of a large object into tiles, and centring each object in the Galvo field. Infinite field of view synchronises and coordinates stage motion and Galvoscanner motion automatically.

Polaris CAD/CAM integrates machine vision with laser machining processes. Machine vision can be used to inspect actual markings or it can be used to super-impose fabrication trajectories onto the image of the cut part. Camera view is calibrated to match the stage coordinates. Several cameras may be used, for both wide and zoomed-in views.