Latest version of FLIRs Research IR software gives access to MATLAB scripts

FLIR Systems has announced that the latest version of its Research IR software. ResearchIR Max version 4.2 gives designers direct access to their MATLAB scripts within the software program for the first time.

This capability allows users to access their customised MATLAB scripts directly in ResearchIR for specially-tailored thermal image analysis and processing tasks. Many MATLAB functions can now be directly accessed from within ResearchIR. Combining FLIR thermal and other cameras with MATLAB provides designers with a flexible environment to explore algorithms for multi-sensor systems.

To demonstrate the powerful utility of this new capability - FLIR Systems has posted a recorded webinar in which it explores how to integrate FLIR cameras with MATLAB and review typical workflows for multi-sensor fusion; interfacing with thermal imaging devices; segmenting and analysing thermal images as well as object detection and tracking with thermal and visible images.

ResearchIR Max is a version of ResearchIR software for advanced users who need more analytical functionality in their research.