LG Motion expands position stage range

LG Motion has added a miniature rotary stage to its LG-Series precision positioning mechanics range. With a table-top diameter of 45mm and a profile height of 35mm, the LGR-50 joins a modular family of linear and vertical positioners that combine with motion controllers, drives and interfacing components for complete automated positioning solutions.

The LGR-50 is designed for use with NEMA 11 or 17 stepper motors and features a preloaded 90:1 worm-wheel gear drive with low backlash whilst a high specification main bearing arrangement supports a centrally located load of up to 1kg. With a claimed positioning accuracy of 0.05° and repeatability said to be better than 0.01°, the table‘s micropositioning capability is determined by the drive technology with a maximum resolution in the region of 0.001°.

The LGR-50 is also available as a vacuum prepared version and is said to have been used as part of a multi-axis linear and rotary customised 10-6 torr motorised positioning system for an optical test application. Other customisation options include directly mounted servo motors and feedback encoders, hard stops, work holding fixtures, special interfacing brackets and other specialised components.