Linear position sensors from Variohm EuroSensor

Variohm EuroSensor's new VLPSC linear position sensor adds integrated signal conditioning electronics with an autosensing 0 to 10VDC or 4 to 20mA proportional digital output.

The digital signal conditioner offers a 12bit resolution with linearity to 0.1% and excellent repeatability in a choice of nine standard measurement ranges from 25 to 290mm. It also has self-aligning spherical bearing mounts in a 15mm2 housing design. The sensor includes an improved O-ring and felt shaft sealing arrangement and provides IP65 ingress protection. The signal conditioner adaptation also provides a teach function for the start and end datum position references of the sensor which is easily carried out via a simple stand alone procedure using a separate input rather than complex computer programming. The VLP measurement technology used in the new sensor features a conductive plastic resistance element that is built up by the application of several layers of specialised printed inks. This combines with a patented elastomer damped, multi-fingered precious metal wiper arrangement that ensures smooth and uninterrupted contact with low electrical noise, even under demanding physical and environmental conditions.