Liquid cooled converters reduce air-cooled cabinet footprint

The liquid-cooled Sinamics S120 Cabinet Modules frequency converter from Siemens is for use in harsh ambient conditions. Efficient heat dissipation means there is no need for air conditioning, which reduces energy consumption, and, together with, optimised layout and effective cooling help to reduce the module's footprint.

The frequency converters are part of a modular cabinet system for multi-motor drives which can be used in harsh environments, such as in mining or the steel industry, where a sealed cabinet protects against chemically aggressive atmospheres. The liquid-cooled modules provide liquid cooling that is fully enclosed in order to protect the frequency converters against hostile ambient conditions. A special cooling technology makes heat dissipation efficient and renders air conditioning unnecessary, says the company.

Heat recovery principles can also be exploited by using the coolant heated up during the cooling process to provide low-cost process heat or room heating.

All individual liquid-cooled modules are compatible, and can be flexibly combined. Options allow for specific requirements to be accommodated. They can also be factory pre-configured and integrated into commercially available selection and engineering tools, such as the Katalog, PMD and Sizer, for simple ordering, installing, and commissioning.

The converters are mainly used in process, steel, and automotive industries and in the mining.