Low-cost robots simplify complex tasks

RS Components has launched the easily programmable R12 and R17 benchtop robots. The robots are claimed to be capable of undertaking complex tasks, including product testing, sample handling, parts handling, machine feeding, welding, spraying and sound measurement.

Both models are suited for 24/7 operation and ready to use out of the box, as they are supplied with controller, teach pad/pendant, all cables, connectors, RoboForthII and RobWin7 software and manuals.

The R12 model comes in five- or six-axis variants, offers a 500mm reach and is capable of handling a 1kg payload. The larger R17 model, is a five-axis robot, with a six-axis option, and can handle a 3kg payload over a reach of 750mm. In total RS will stock 38 standard lines comprising the two different robot arms, several gripper formats and actuation methods and optional accessories, including an Android/Bluetooth teach pad, vacuum grippers and USB and TCP/IP converters.