Low power proportional valve for simple, efficient pressure control

Emerson has launched the Sentronic LP low power proportional valve designed for the accurate pressure control of air and neutral gasses in applications where power is limited.

The Sentronic LP is claimed to consume less than 4W and is available with a nominal diameter of DN4 and G1/4 connections. The valve is said to have a flow rate up to 470Nl/min and three pressure ranges that span 0 to 10bar. It can be used singly or connected to a manifold for a compact solution where multiple valves are required.

With a hysteresis of less than 1% and high linearity and repeatability the valves are suitable for applications in the food and beverage, packaging, bottling and automotive industries. The Sentronic LP can be manually set and adjusted using push buttons and a graphical display, or by using the Data Acquisition Software.

The Sentronic LP offers a modular and compact footprint and is an alternative to more complex proportional control valves. Communications and control is via a 5-pin M12 connector. The manifold version enables up to 10 valves to be mounted together on a compact manifold that has a common air supply. The valve is said to deliver a stable pressure even when the flow demand is variable and ensures the safety of the process by holding the downstream pressure when power is lost.