Modular CSW command and signalling devices boost flexibility

WEG has updated its CSW series of command and signalling devices with new pushbuttons and contact blocks to help users reduce installation time and costs by up to 66%. Designed to increase flexibility and simplify stock management, the individual contact blocks can be combined to meet specific requirements and assembled without tools. Additionally, the pushbuttons have an IP66/NEMA 4X rating, which means they provide a reliable solution in harsh environments.

There are dual and triple pushbuttons in the range, which combine the functions of two or three individual buttons into one single button with a diameter of 22.5mm. This reduces installation time, enabling the user to save associated costs. The buttons have a mechanical lifespan of millions of operations, so users can be confident they are reliable over a long service life and machine builders can specify flush or protruding stop buttons to suit their needs.

The modular contact blocks are click-mounted for fast and easy assembly. Fitting in the surface-mount housing and mating with the panel-front pushbuttons is also toolless. Additionally, silver alloy contacts ensure long service life and high contact sensitivity, with the contact systems designed to be self-cleaning. This means that contact resistance is minimised and contact reliability optimised and even low-voltage and low-current signals can be transmitted reliably.