Modular servo press kit delivers alternative to traditional press control systems

Festo offers manufacturers of electronics or other small parts a lower cost, easy-to-use alternative to traditional press control systems. The servo press kit YJKP combines software and hardware components into a complete mechatronic solution which enables electric press-fitting applications requiring up to 17kN force to be implemented simply, reliably and cost-effectively.

Whether the application is press-fitting printed circuit boards into housings, inserting and verifying pins in a plug or bending and forming components, Festo’s servo press kit YJKP delivers a simple system solution. It comprises modular operating software and hardware components.

The configurable servo press kit can be tailored to the needs of each user or application, ensuring flexible design and reducing investment costs. Festo’s modular system allows users to select a force range of 0.8 to 17kN, stroke lengths of 100 to 400mm, axial or parallel attachment of the motor, and a single-turn or multi-turn encoder.

Easy-to-use operating software is pre-installed in the controller. No programming skills are needed and parameterising the press unit is said to be simple and intuitive. Modular software offers a range of application-specific functions which can be displayed on any platform. With function elements in the software’s integrated library, processes are quick to configure, reliable and easy to implement. Evaluation and control procedures for the envelope curve, threshold value and windowing are already integrated into the software.