New benchmark for standard valves

Festo has extended its range of VUVS and VUVG standard single valve technologies with the launch of its ‘blue star’ VUVS-LK…-S and VUVG-LK…-S products. These valves have been designed to meet a wide variety of application needs with traditional high quality, but with more cost-effective pricing than ever before.

The new VUVS-LK…-S is an entry-level standard valve range, providing robust and durable valves for challenging environments, while the VUVG-LK…-S are compact valves for machine automation. Together, they are said to meet common performance requirements across a range of customer applications, from material handling to electronic light assembly and packaging.

The extended VUVS and VUVG valve series combine superior quality with more economical pricing than has previously been possible.Compatibility with the existing range also means engineers can reliably mix and match VUVS and VUVG valves with other components and accessories such as manifolds, giving users added flexibility.