New energy chain from igus

igus UK has launched a new compact energy chain, e-spool, which enables users to guide many different cables in narrow spaces and allows them to save space thanks to its small footprint. The innovative e-spool is easy to install and flexible, providing cables reliably in any direction for travel up to 14m.

e-spool is a next generation cable management system that has been designed in response to customer demand for a solution that is more durable than traditional cable drums. As a result, users can now benefit from a system that provides reliable operation for a wide range of lifting applications. The new energy chain system links two different igus energy chains in an ingenious way: a standard igus e-chain from the E2/000 series is routed via a spool, and a twisterband connects the spool with the shaft bracket, which serves as the interface to the permanently installed cables. The chain is compactly wound up in its initial position and thanks to an integrated return spring in the spool, the desired length and tension of the energy chain is always ensured. The e-spool chain is far more flexible than traditional cable drums, because instead of featuring sliding contacts, which are typically found in classic cable drums, the cables for data, compressed air and fluids can be connected without interruption and can be replaced or modified at any time.