New valves used in ventilators

A new generation of versatile and innovative three-port solenoid valves which offer the combination of high flow rates, low leakage and low power consumption in a miniature 10mm package and are suitable for use in ventilators has been introduced by miniature component specialist The Lee Company.

The novel genvi solenoid valve has been designed and manufactured using innovative techniques and represents a range of valves which provide outstanding application versatility and unmatched reliability at an economical price point.

One of the key objectives in developing the genvi solenoid valve was to challenge the limitations of current fluidic technologies by allowing designers to use a miniature, low power solenoid valve, without compromising system-level flow rate requirements.

As a result the valve is capable of achieving minimum flow rates of 30 to 40 SLPM at 15 psid and its spike and hold profile results in ultra-low power consumption (318mW) during continuous duty operation on air and compatible gas applications. Crucially, this reduces system-level heating and improves battery life making it ideal for applications with challenging power budgets.

In addition to high flow, low power consumption, minimal leakage and extended life of at least 25 million cycles, genvi valves are designed to provide response times of less than 10 ms in applications with an operating temperature range from 40ºF to 120ºF.

Typical applications for the valves include molecular diagnostics, oxygen delivery, environmental monitors, compression therapy, breath analysers or wherever high flow and low power cannot be sacrificed for size and reliability.

In addition to the genvi valve, the company’s HDi solenoid valves are being used for the auto zero function of pressure transducers in ventilators and its IMH relief valves are also suitable for use in some ventilators.