Next generation of plug-in e-chains

Igus has introduced the readychain speed 2.0, a development of its plug-in readychain product. As with the first generation of pre-harnessed energy chain system, it is ready to fit directly onto a machine without the need for specialist tools – however, this generation combines the connector, mounting bracket and energy chain as one single unit, which is claimed to connect three times faster and now accommodates 16 different modular inserts.

“In very high-cost production environments, such as the automotive industry, or for warehousing storage and retrieval systems, every minute of downtime can cost £1000s,” said Justin Leonard, director of igus. “Whenever possible, spare sub-assemblies are kept in-stock to enable quick swap out should damage occur. The readychain speed 2.0 pre-harnessed energy chain system is a single unit and as such can be exchanged very quickly, reducing machinery downtime significantly.”

Readychain speed 2.0 employs the E4.1 series energy chain. The integrated connection unit can combine 16 different modular inserts for any common connector type, be it for fibre optic, control, servo, data and pneumatic lines. In addition, the energy chain can be simply latched into position, rather than bolted into place, without the need for specialist tools.