Next generation trip unit for testing circuit breakers

Eaton has launched the Power Xpert Release (PXR) platform, its next generation trip unit, which enables engineers to test and configure circuit breakers from a PC via a USB port. It is integrated into the power management company’s IZMX air circuit breakers. As a result, it is easier for users to interact with the trip unit and store test data, thereby improving control and maintenance regimes.

High current circuit breakers are configured and periodically tested by end users to ensure they continue to work reliably in the case of over-currents, and therefore prevent downtime. The PXR allows technicians to simulate short circuits and overloads using Eaton’s Power Xpert Protection Manager (PXPM) software tool.

While the PXR technology presently supports testing and configuration of Eaton’s IZMX air circuit breakers, Eaton says the new electronic trip unit will be integrated into all its moulded case circuit breaker ranges and medium voltage circuit breakers, to set a new standard for testing in all circuit breakers.

New features of PXR technology-equipped IZMX devices include the ability to capture current and optional voltage waveforms along with minimum and maximum values for the phase and neutral conductors. In addition, the waveform can give an indication of the overall quality caused by harmonics, and metering accuracy is now 1%. All data can be transferred via Modbus, Profibus or Ethernet communication function and for security, a password can be added to avoid unauthorised changes. In addition, a QR code has been added for easier identification and to access additional information.