Perfect marriage for lightweight performance

Dyneema Carbon hybrid composites are claimed to represent the next step in the evolution of carbon. The world’s strongest fibre is said to significantly improve the performance of pure carbon composites in terms of weight, impact resistance, ductility and vibrational dampening.

The popularity of pure carbon is easy to explain: It’s strong, stiff, lightweight and easy to mould, but it’s not so good at handling impacts. Carbon also splinters when it breaks, which can cause injuries. By marrying carbon with Dyneema, impact energy absorption is said to be increased by up to 100% while removing the risk of splintering. Dyneema Carbon hybrid composites are also claimed to be lighter, less brittle and offer more vibration dampening than pure carbon composites.

Fifteen times stronger than steel but able to float on water, Dyneema fibre has been used to moor oilrigs, sail ships, stop bullets and repair human ligaments. As a fabric component, it’s becoming increasingly popular with high-performance sports apparel and athletic sportswear – from mountain climbing to motorcycling.

Now as part of a hybrid composite, Dyneema can bring its lightweight strength to products currently using pure carbon composites.