Plug-and-play 3D vision sensing

SICK has launched the TriSpector 1000, its first ‘plug-and-play’ 3D vision sensor claimed to deliver real-time 3D quality inspection in a self-contained unit. The TriSpector 1000 is expected to open up affordable 3D vision sensing for a range of processing and packaging operations.

It is designed to provide FMCG product pick, placement & packaging operations, contract packers and warehouse operators with ‘out-of-the-box’ 3D vision without the complexity or cost of conventional 3D vision solutions.

Through SICK’s 4DPro communications platform, TriSpector can be integrated seamlessly with factory control and data systems, as well as combined with several other 2D or 3D vision devices to create a full inspection station for QC purposes.

The SICK TriSpector 1000 vision sensor range comprises three models, with width ranges of 200 to 650mm, 100 to 330mm and 45 to 75mm, and different fields of view and resolution to match application requirements.The units are supplied in IP67 casings and shatter resistant plastic windows to withstand harsh or food processing environments. With laser scanning, additional lighting is unnecessary, a Micro SD card stores profiles and allows settings to be cloned for easy replacement or on other conveying lines.