Plug & play compact handling system simplifies commissioning and reduces time to market

Festo has introduced a compact handling system that combines kinematics, controller and software in a single kit to enable engineers and OEMs to save time and money.

The YXMx compact handling system is suitable for a variety of positioning, pick & place and other assembly applications: such as screwdriving, dispensing, testing, soldering, gripping, and opening and closing containers. The system is delivered ready for use either as a basic stand-alone module, or for integration into serial machines. All the user needs to do is input their own data parameters and the YXMx is ready to go.

The standard kinematic functions for the YXMx are delivered via a planar surface gantry based on Festo’s EXCM to provide installation space to working space ratio and scalability. The system features twin stepper motors with integrated controller and converter and a parallel kinematic drive to move the end effector rapidly and accurately to any X-Y co-ordinate position as standard. Additional options include a Z-axis and remote camera for vision.

The YXMx compact handling system is equipped with a CECC-X compact controller that enables it to communicate with the production line and with other YXMx systems when used in sequence. A range of predefined interfaces to a master control system are included, along with the OPC-UA interface to make the system Industry 4.0 compatible.

To speed programming and commissioning, the installed software library incorporates various predefined function block elements for CODESYS, such as: point to point, 3D path interpolation, homing and jogging of the kinematic system, sequence processing, file management and error handling.