Precision move pallet system conveyor

Dorner has released its latest pallet traffic management system, the 2200 Precision Move Pallet System. With a pin tracking system and a 24Vdc drive mechanism to guide pallets through 90° turns, and a fast belt change capability without the need to remove the conveyor from the system, the 2200 series is designed to increase efficiency and reduce downtime in various assembly automation processes.

During operation, pallets move on twin dual strand timing-belt conveyors. This design is said to provides benefits including load capacity of up to 250lbs in a small platform, quick belt change without the need to remove conveyor from system, widthsfrom 160 to 480mm, lengths up to 7,500mm and clean room class 100 Certification on the conveyor.

The lifting modules provide 200lbs of lift capability at 90psi with an accuracy of +/- 0.002", pneumatic rotation with an adjustable rotation angle of 90 to 180° including a cushioned lift stroke.

These engineering designs make the 2200 Series Precision Move Pallet conveyor suitable for applications in machine integration, robotic pick-n-place, precision indexing, accurate part positioning, timed conveying, and inspection.