Robot dispensing systems to boost productivity

Amada Miyachi Europe offers a range of robot dispensing system options that can be fully customised for use in the automotive, electronics and solar cells, information technology and multimedia, medical, aerospace, and defence industries. The company’s standard desktop XYZ fluid dispensing systems are combined with high precision, user-friendly JANOME Industrial Equipment desktop robots to boost productivity.

To meet the demands of accuracy, speed, flexibility and cost-efficiency, Amada Miyachi Europe offers a complete line of products and solutions that can process materials with a viscosity of 1 millipascals per second to 500.000mPa/s correctly and accurately. Options include single component positive displacement dispensing, single component time/pressure dispensing, two component dispensing, and jet dispensing.

Combining JANOME Industrial Equipment robots with its dispensing products, Amada Miyachi Europe provides customised application-specific solutions for solder paste dispensing, as well as adhesive dispensing for speakers and lamps, gluing, dispensing silicone for gasketing, spraying lubrication material, and more.

The high precision, user-friendly, JANOME desktop robots are said to provide companies with a solid platform to implement multiple dispensing solutions for manufacturing. Dialogue-based operating software is claimed to make programming easy. The robot performs three-dimensional linear and arc interpolations with positional repeatability of ±0.01mm.