Robot handles challenging packaging applications

FANUC has extended its M-10iA range of materials handling robots with the introduction of the high speed, long reach M-10iA/8L. Capable of handling payloads up to 8kg, the M-10iA/8L offers a reach of 2028mm. Previously, users looking for a long reach would have had to look at the bigger M-20iA/12L. The M-10iA/8L is 40% lighter and 20% slimmer, addressing the needs of applications where space for robot access within a machine is limited and angles of access challenging.

As well as increased flexibility, with its ability to be wall or ceiling mounted, or installed at an angle, the M-10iA/8L is also said to be more energy-efficient, claimed to offer a reduction in power consumption of up to 30%.

The M-10iA/8L features a new J2 arm and an extension adapter in the J3 arm, meeting the needs of applications requiring the moving of heavier parts within a larger working envelope. The design of the J2 arm is said to provide a 20% reduction in the interference radius compared with the larger M-20iA/12L.

Performance has also been enhanced, with optimised acceleration and deceleration control for the wrist payload enabling cycle times and productivity to be improved, and is said to ensure vibration-free and more accurate positioning with repeatability of ±0.08mm.

The M-10iA/8L is suitable for a range of packaging tasks, enabling a wider variety of products and package sizes to be handled on a single production line, regardless of orientation, with reduced emphasis on manual labour.