Rugged thermal imaging camera

Conrad Business Supplies has added Seek Thermal's Reveal FF (Fast Frame) thermal imaging camera to its selection of thermal imaging equipment. The rugged Reveal FF offers a 36° field of view and features an integrated 300 Lumen flashlight that.

The 2.4 inch display with 240 x 320 resolution is said to be able to capture temperature differences ranging from -40 to 330°C and the 19Hz frame rate prevents out of focus images during movements. Seek Thermal claims that heat sources can be accurately detected and measured up to 160m away. The Reveal FF is suitable for the measurement of leaks, energy losses and many other applications in the construction industry.

The Reveal FF can be operated with a single hand and incorporates a multitude of additional features, including a ‘quick start-up’ mode which allows for instant detection of temperatures. The Reveal FF’s Li-ion battery lasts for up to nine hours.