Services slip through ring

The SVTS B Series (SRC 032M) series IP65 sealed slip ring assembly is specifically designed to meet the needs of latest technology flowpack packaging machines. Available from Heason Technology, the new slip ring enables the transfer of electrical power and temperature sensor signals between the machine’s control system and its continuously rotating weld-and-cut sealing blades.

With 3 to 5 circuits or ‘ways’ the compact 32 mm diameter slip ring assembly is protected against fluid ingress and washdown processes – without the need for cumbersome and costly protective covers. Internally the small diameter precious metal alloy rings combine with multiple contact brushes for low peripheral rotating speeds that ensure long lifetime performance and low electrical noise. The precision ball bearing set ensures low friction torque for very smooth operation. Typical maximum voltage is up to 240 V AC although 400 V versions are also available in larger diameter packages.