Simplified tachometry readings for virtually any motor

Jennova has developed a wireless diesel tachometer designed to provide a simple, self-powered solution for generating tachometry readings from nearly any motor. The process is based on the company’s Electrodynamic Energy Harvesting (EH) technology, which powers the device and enables the unit’s magnetic induction sensors to read RPM pulses directly from the engine’s motion and produce instant data.

In addition to providing accurate readings, the installation process can be performed in four steps in a matter of minutes.

Jennova has also developed self-powered EH Multi-Sensor offering autonomous remote sensing capable of gathering multiple sensor inputs and sending the data package wirelessly to either the web or direct to device. It is suitable for hazardous or difficult to reach infrastructure and remote or mobile platforms. The unit is configured to read RPM, harmonic vibration, temperature and current information, and can be coupled with additional EH systems to provide added power or enhanced data transmission rates.