Small diameter, high contact rating

LEMO’s latest connector developments are based around smaller diameter contacts that still feature high contact ratings due to LEMO’s contact design, with an inbuilt spring ensuring continuous contact even with high vibration.

Five contacts, each rated to 1.5A, have been incorporated by LEMO into its 00 series which has a diameter of 6mm, making it ideal for communications and other equipment where small, tough connectors are required for handling signals. Additionally the 0B series, which has a diameter of 9.5mm at 1.5A, now features 12 contacts.

The waterproof T Series is based upon the B Series connectors, incorporating the original LEMO push-pull latching connection technology and including an inner sleeve and additional sealing to provide protection against water ingress to IP68 level when mated.

The T Series utilises the contact system and configurations from the B Series range, providing a selection of options that can be made available quickly. It is backwardly compatible with the B Series, with the same socket panel hole diameter and upgraded cable plug assemblies will work with existing sockets.

The third development, the MM Series, is the smallest of the LEMO M Series ratchet coupling connectors, the significantly smaller alternatives to standard military connectors with up to 4 contacts in a ruggedised micro housing.