Smaller, faster, easier pumping

The Viking Motor Speed pump, from Michael Smith Engineers, is designed to run at higher speeds and deliver increased flows resulting in a more cost-effective pumping solution requiring less space and at reduced cost.

The pumps can be driven by standard electric motors at either 720, 960 or 1450rpm, without the need for a reduction gearbox. The range includes models which provide flows up to 88m³/h at standard motor speeds, or 132m³/h with speed reducers or gearboxes.

The pump head incorporates innovative design concepts, including idler and rotor speed grooves to improve axial feed, a liquid directing step to reduce turbulence, a modified crescent to boost radial feed and improved port geometry to optimise flow paths.

The pump rotor’s profile has also been increased and, on larger models, the standard idler material is hardened to reduce the effects of cavitation. The result of these design improvements is that the pumps can be operated at higher speeds than before so you get a greater flow from a smaller pump than previously.

Other features of the new Motor Speed Series include a pressure lubricated idler pin and bushing to enhance the pin and bushing life, sealed, anti-friction bearings eliminating the need for re-lubrication, a behind the rotor seal which means the drive shaft and bearings are not exposed to the pumped media and a threaded one-piece bearing housing which allows for easy end clearance adjustment.

Viking Motor Speed pumps are available in a close-coupled and long-coupled drive options for motor speed operation and with gearboxes, or speed reducers for reduced speed operation. They are also designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty, industrial pumping applications, in the most challenging environments. Typical applications will be transferring refined fuels such as diesel and biofuels, also crude oil, edible oils, lubrication and hydraulic oils as well as chemicals including solvents, glycols and refrigerants.