Software tools address modelling and simulation problems

Software tools provider Maplesoft has launched several new products designed to help engineers manage complex engineering modelling and simulation problems.

Available from Hertfordshire based Adept Scientific, MapleSim is a solution for physical modelling and, together with a collection of new toolboxes, enables fast model development, advanced analysis and the creation of complex multi-domain models. The Maplesoft suite includes the following new products: MapleSim 3 MapleSim, Maplesoft's core physical modelling product, has a modelling platform which has been enhanced in this release. Modelling capabilities have been extended with new component libraries for hydraulics and electrical machines and refined solvers that Maplesoft says can handle even greater model complexity. Its core symbolic technology has been designed to produce highly optimised equation-based models, which provide the best possible real time performance in application areas such as hardware-in-the-loopsimulation. MapleSim Control Design Toolbox The MapleSim Control Design Toolbox provides a set of control design tools that extend MapleSim's plant modelling capabilities to support control design. The toolbox takes advantage of the symbolic approach for designing, analysing and testing control systems which results in greater flexibility and accuracy. Maplesoft says that developing plants and controllers together in the MapleSim environment means development process is accelerated and tool switching cost is reduced. MapleSim LabVIEW Connector This toolbox integrates MapleSim's modelling environment into the LabVIEW real time platform from National Instruments. Engineers using LabVIEW can develop and optimise complex engineering system models in the visual modelling environment of MapleSim.