Sony GS CMOS cameras for machine vision

Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions’ has released the XCG-CG240/C and XCG-CG510/C, the latest in it GS CMOS camera range offering advanced features and reliability for machine vision.

In industrial applications there is increasing demand to be able to accurately assess the form of fast-moving objects.Until now, rolling shutter solutions have been used across the industry, often causing distortion of the focal plane.The GS CMOS range features Sony’s Pregius, a global shutter pixel technology, which is claimed to ensure undistorted, high picture quality even at very high speeds.

These cameras also feature Sony’s Exmor RTM, a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor with improved sensitivity and noise reduction while radically realigning its fundamental pixel structure from front-illumination to back-illumination.

The GS CMOS cameras are suited to applications in the machine vision market, including automotive, electronics and semiconductor manufacturing as well as non-manufacturing sectors such as intelligent transport systems, logistics, high-end security and entertainment.

In food manufacturing, for example, the GS CMOS cameras are able to produce high-resolution images of produced cans at the rate of 120,000 cans per hour. These figures are achieved through the XCG-CG240/C and XCG-CG510/C’s 2.4Mp@40fps and 5.1Mp@23fps and camera Link camera XCL-SG510/C 5.1Mp@150fps.