Speeding resolution of design problems

Cobham has released version 18 of its Opera electromagnetic and multiphysics design software. This latest version is said to boost functionality, speed and accuracy, while improving ease of use.

Key features in Opera v18 include an analytic tool to help users assess different winding configurations in rotating electrical machines. A graphical analysis setup tool brings drag-and-drop editing to complex evaluation sequences involving multiphysics simulation. The modelling of materials with very small skin depths is also enabled by a new surface impedance boundary condition for transient electromagnetic analysis.

Cobham claims that Opera v18 can shorten development times, by allowing detailed investigation of possible winding options prior to finite element analysis and simulation of the most promising designs. The software includes a winding wizard which creates a report of all feasible windings for a user-specified range of slots and poles, backed by detailed winding characteristics for each slot-pole combination.

Opera v18 can link to a variety of third-party computer-aided design packages, including CATIA, NX, Pro-Engineer Creo and SolidWorks files. IGES, Parasolid, SAT and STEP files offer CAD-neutral geometry access.