TyrePal launches TPMS CANbus system

Tyre pressure monitoring specialist, TyrePal has launched its latest product, the CANbus tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The technology is specifically designed for use in buses, commercial vehicles and customised vehicles such as fire engines and ambulances.

The product includes a module that can be connected to the vehicle's CANbus system, allowing tyre pressure sensors to interact with the other parts of the vehicle, such as on-board display, control systems and integrated telematics.

The TyrePal CANbus TPMS alerts the driver if tyre pressure is falling, is outside pre-set limits, or is overheating, and the tyre data is available on the vehicle network to provide diagnostic messages or additional control.

The system consists of TyrePal sensors that can be fitted inside or outside the tyres and a receiving module that connects to the CANbus, using standard J1939 protocol. A handheld reader initially programs the sensors to interact with the module and sets the pressure and temperature thresholds.