Ultrasonic flowmeter for laboratory testing

The Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter from Titan Enterprises is designed to handle low flows from laminar to turbulent, and is also claimed to be largely immune from viscosity, suiting it for laboratory testing applications.

The Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter is a true inline non-invasive flowmeter without the contorted flow path and disadvantages of alternative designs. Available in 60°C and 110°C temperature versions and a 30bar higher pressure model, Atrato flowmeters use ‘time-of-flight’ ultrasonic technology that is said to enable them to operate over wide flow ranges with accuracy better than ±1.0%.

Atrato flowmeter software enables data recording via an external computer. It is also claimed to deliver a continuous picture of your experiment and a reliable alternative to restrictive and costly manual metering. Engineers can select from a variety of functions and time periods over which to store their results.Flow data sets are saved as .csv files which can then be imported directly to a range of programmes for later manipulation and analysis.