WDS Components extends castor wheel range with new sizes and designs

The Leeds manufacturer and supplier of standard parts and components, WDS Components, has extended its range of castor wheels. Ideal for OEMs or end-users, the broad wheel range covers a variety of designs, materials, and sizes, for an array of industrial and commercial applications. With sizes now including a compact 50mm diameter, through to a 200mm wheel, castors also include brake and adjustable levelling options.

WDS’ broad range of castor wheel unit designs are based around various styles of metal frame. This includes a rectangular plate fitting, available in either a swivel wheel or fixed wheel configuration. Bolt hole frames are also available, fixing with a single bolt. This design is ideal to attach the castor unit to a tube insert, or for applications with limited space. Meanwhile, stud fitting castor wheels feature a threaded stud attached to the top of the frame, enabling fast and simple installation, securing with a nut.

Each of the designs are available with brakes, adding safety by preventing the wheels from rotating on slopes or if pushed, as well as non-brake versions. The designs are also available in adjustable-levelling models, ideal when stability is required on unlevel flooring. These castors include a levelling foot that can be screwed down and adjusted with a finger wheel, or alternatively, for faster and easier adjustment, a ratchet system.

Castor wheel frames are available in either stainless steel, providing optimum resistance to corrosion and wear, or zinc-plated steel that provides good durability and rust resistance across many applications.

The wheels themselves are available in a range of materials that differ according to hardness. Softer castor wheels, like rubber, are ideal when non-marking is required, or for a low-noise environment. The polyurethane resin wheel is suitable for a wide range of uses with a good balance of softness with durability and strength, while the nylon wheel is the hardest wearing. Phenolic resin wheels are also available, selected for their resistance to heat. These castors can be used in ovens or painting bays and can withstand temperatures up to 280°C, or cold temperatures down to -40°C.

The wheels are available in a variety of colours to suit the environment, including black, blue, white, and red. WDS also provides furniture castor wheels, ideal for office chairs and furniture, made from black nylon with a steel frame.

The expansion of the WDS range of castors now means that every design is available from a compact 50mm wheel diameter, suitable for smaller machines and low clearance heights, through to larger 200mm diameter wheels. Each type of castor wheel design also typically includes 80mm, 100mm, 125mm and 160mm diameter sizes.

Now, the expanded range has added new fixing kits for plate frame castors. Comprising all the bolts, nuts, and washers required to fix the frame to its host, the kits make specification and purchasing a faster and easier process. The fixing kits are available in packs of four or packs of 16.