World's most powerful synchronous drum motor

Automation firm Interroll has launched a powerful synchronous drum motor for belt conveyor systems. The motor has an output of up to 1.1kW, torque up to 100Nm and allows for belt speeds up to 3.34m/s.

The construction of the motor means that they display a performance loss of just 9%, as an internal planetary gear made from hardened steel transfers 92 to 95% of the available power, directly to the relevant conveyor system, reducing the energy requirement when compared to alternative drives.

The compact motors work at low operating temperatures and have high start-stop potential for conveyor systems in industrial sectors such as food processing, the packaging industry and dynamic weighing technology, as well as other logistics applications.

Managing director, Dr Hauke Tiedemann, said: “Our drum motors help system integrators implement high-performance, energy-efficient and compact conveyor solutions.”