Battery solutions for health, safety and security

From smoke detectors to patient monitors: Panasonic batteries are used in a range of applications to ensure protection of property and health. The industrial battery manufacturer presents two new application videos showing the numerous uses of batteries in medical and safety applications.

Anyone who walks through a hospital observantly will notice numerous battery-operated devices: as a mobile energy source, they ensure the reliable operation of infusion pumps and operating tables. They are used to power wheelchairs and play an important part in monitoring the health condition of patients by means of monitors and blood pressure meters.

“With batteries, it is especially important to have an application-specific selection in order to achieve optimal performance”, explained Oliver Sonnemann, sales & marketing director. “The recommended battery for use in wheelchairs, for example, is our lithium-ion battery NCR‐18650BD. Its high energy density and low internal resistance make it ideal for mobile applications.”

For applications requiring high reliability, the BK-210AH nickel-metal-hydride batteries are a good choice as they are said to feature a life of up to 10 years.

In addition to medical applications, Panasonic batteries are also used to prevent burglary: they protect private homes as an energy source for electronic door locking systems, burglar alarms, smoke alarms and high-security package mailboxes. Door locking systems, for example, require batteries with low self-discharge and a high pulse capability. This is provided by Panasonic lithium batteries for industrial applications due to their long service life and no passivation phenomenon.

For medical and safety applications Panasonic has produced two videos with sample applications and solutions, and other useful information. For help with finding the right battery, the company has further developed the Battery Finder, which is available both as a mobile app and as an HTML application. With the Battery Finder designers can search for and compare batteries based on different parameters.