Five benefits for lightweighting via material design (WEBINAR)

1 min read

Eureka! is delighted to announce it has teamed up with materials expert’s EMS-CHEMIE to offer readers a unique insight into the techniques involved in metal replacement and the benefits that come with a lightweight design.

The webinar is free for Eureka! readers that sign up and register their interest.

The presentation by industry guru Nigel Barrow, technical manager of EMS-GRIVORY covers the technical details involved in producing traditionally metal components with plastic, and the design consideration engineers will need to take on board to make better, stronger and lighter parts.

Barrow has a plethora of knowledge and experience in metal replacement and optimising plastic parts and includes aspects such as those structural components exposed to severe weather conditions, so often made of die-cast metal as a compromise. However, with intelligent design, polyamides are more than capable of rivalling die-cast parts in most conditions.

The seminar also covers the all-important manufacturing considerations and how they impact design, such as the most suitable grades for injection moulding, best practice when redesigning a metal part to be made in plastic, and how to cost down a part to an optimum level.

To view the webinar, please sign up here.