How drylin linear technology will benefit your next application

drylin linear technology spans many different configurations and options for every application, from simple pick-and-place machines to high-tech 3D printers. This week’s video provides viewers with a quick overview of what’s available in the range and explains why engineers are choosing igus linear technology over another.

Industrial linear motion systems often feature recirculating ball bearings, which require very careful installation, set-up and periodic maintenance. Lubrication with oil or grease is also essential, which contributes to them not coping well in environments where contamination via ingress of dust or dirt is a hazard. drylin linear technology, on the other hand, uses plastic plain bearings that are dry-running and self-lubricating, and therefore run maintenance free. In applications where strict hygiene standards apply, such as in the food and packaging and pharmaceutical industries, the absence of lubrication is also a key benefit.

Line, surface or room gantry linear robots deliver scalable, flexible, reliable and quiet linear motion through one, two or three axes. Engineers can use igus online tools to specify their application requirements and to configure combinations of complete linear robotic systems, including motors, drives, initiators, supply cables, limit switches and mounting components.

igus drylin linear technology has been extensively application tested at its 2,750m² test facility in Cologne, the industry’s largest and most advanced facility for testing motion plastics.