How dryspin technology runs smoothly and efficiently on high helix threads

The high helix thread design from igus is optimised to achieve greater efficiency compared to standard threads due to its flatter angle. The asymmetric geometry also yields a long service life and, because of the round tooth profile, operation is quiet and vibration-free. Available in stainless steel, the leadscrew is corrosion resistant, FDA approved and offers high level stiffness. For lightweight applications, the tribo-optimised, hard anodised aluminium version is non-magnetic.

iglidur plastic nuts are a superior alternative to ball screws in many applications as they are lubrication and maintenance-free and wear resistant, extending service life of the leadscrew assembly further. All tribopolymer materials are clean and dry running, as well as insensitive to the ingress of dust and dirt. Offering high efficiency at high speeds, choose iglidur J material. Where application temperatures up to 150ºC are needed, iglidur J350 is the material of choice. For the food and packaging industry, engineers should select the FDA-compliant iglidur A180 material. The cost-effective iglidur R is available for high quantities.

igus offers a range of online tools to help engineers find the right leadscrew assembly for their application requirements. Based on entered parameters, the suggested assembly with predicated service life and 3D CAD models is provided. Systems can also be configured separately, simplifying the design process. Final configurations can be saved for later use or sent directly to the shopping cart for purchase with shipping in as little as 24 hours.