How igus ball transfer units move high loads easily

igus ball transfer units designed for use on conveyor tables transport delicate or heavy goods in multiple directions. Made of the high-performance plastic xirodur B180, they can absorb loads of up to 500 N. Stainless steel balls inside the roller allow smooth running.

Being dimensionally identical to metallic ball transfer units is where the similarity ends. The xirodur B180 material is very abrasion-resistant, has a long service life and an electrically insulating effect. And, as with all igus parts, they are lubrication-free and maintenance-free, ensuring no lubricating grease can contaminate the goods being transported. The units can also be used in any installation position, whether horizontal, vertical or overhead.

They are currently available in three installation sizes and, depending on their size, withstand an axial load of 150 to 500N. Glass balls are also available for metal-free and therefore non-magnetic applications.