How igus motion plastics will be used in vehicle interiors of the future

Automatic guided vehicles have been dominating many intralogistics areas in the last few years; today’s fully automated warehouses are like an anthill, working continuously day and night. Everything works automatically, independently and with self-learning.

This week’s video igus explores the future for cargo-only autonomous vehicles and driverless transport and envisages how motion plastics will be used in their interiors.

igus energy chains, chainflex cables, linear systems and polymer plain bearings are characterised by their long-term functional reliability, particularly in these failure-prone areas. They are cost-effective, maintenance-free and do not require additional lubrication.

More than 20,000 customers worldwide place their trust in polymer solutions tested under realistic conditions at the igus test facility. If a part cannot be found in the comprehensive standard products catalogue, custom parts are also available in short lead-times.