How igus offers low-cost automation for small spaces

igus has developed an ultra-compact toothed belt axis for small spaces. The drylin ZLN50 is just 27 mm high and 40 mm wide and can be delivered with a maximum stroke length of 750 mm

Based on the drylin N linear system, the modular unit is easy to assemble within a few minutes. Alternatively, the drylin ZLN40 can be ordered and delivered as an assembled system ready for connection. When equipped with an igus motor and dryve controller, it can handle loads of up to 20N and has a speed ratio of 60 mm per revolution.

The lightweight toothed belt is supported on ball-bearings, which enable high speed motion. By using iglidur polymers in the guide carriage, the linear axis runs lubrication-free and thus maintenance-free. In addition, moisture, dirt and dust are also not a problem for the drylin ZLN40.