How robolink can help you automate simple tasks cost-effectively

Our robolink range of articulated robotic arms is prominent in igus’ low-cost automation business. The modular system enables our customers to automate simple tasks and processes. These include pick and place applications in order picking, feeding, quality assurance, assembly tasks or image processing applications.

In the week’s video, we show how seven of our robolink D products can be programmed to move in perfect unison. Configuration of the modular robotic arm is simple via the robolink designer online tool, which also provides a 3D visual simulation of the arm’s movements. From there, order your configuration or download more information on your configuration. All the parts needed to build your robot are included in a downloadable list.

In addition to a preassembled articulated arm made of joints with a wide range of gears, motors and connector modules, users can also put together individual systems. Compatible grippers and lifting vacuums are also available.