How to eliminate equipment downtime

Cut unplanned downtime by making maintenance predictable with igus smart plastics. Intelligent cables that predict their service life on automated assembly plants, automotive production, heavy robotics, material handling, pick & place, cutting machines and electronics manufacturing.

Intelligent e-chains measure their own wear and life cycle. They also measure cable stress in machine and robot gantries, indoor cranes in steel works and water gates, and pick & place machines. Also, intelligent linear slides predict their maintenance date in packaging machines, milling machines and car washes.

The igus icom module collects signals from multiple sensors and supplies data to the business’ IoT infrastructure. Seamless integration into all machines or, optionally, into the entire production system. Monitor the health or each machine remotely via laptop or mobile device. Predictive maintenance helps reduce downtime and cost, whilst increasing planning reliability, service life and machine safety.