How to extend service life of plain bearings and reduce costs

Replacing traditional metallic bearings with high-performance tribopolymer parts will extend service life and reduce costs, particularly in demanding environments where water or caustic chemicals are present. Typical applications include equipment used outdoors and those requiring wash-down, such as food and beverage or pharmaceutical processing.

In these environments, traditional PTFE-lined metal bearings can rust, corrode, contaminate sensitive areas and ultimately fail. Since iglidur bearings are made entirely of high-performance tribopolymers, they offer both corrosion- and chemical-resistance and therefore remain unaffected.

iglidur bearings can help reduce component, running and maintenance costs, as well as extend service life in comparison with their traditional metallic counterparts. In addition to being lightweight and low-wear, they are self-lubricating and deliver maintenance-free operation. Thanks to extensive application testing in its 2,750m2 test laboratory, igus can accurately predict and guarantee long service life.