How to improve productivity using readychain pre-harnessed energy chains

In this week’s video, igus managing director, Matthew Aldridge outlines how readychain pre-harnessed cable and energy chain assemblies can help reduce labour costs using a lean production approach and improve productivity by saving time.

As UK manufacturers seek to solve the productivity puzzle, many employ lean manufacturing techniques and thinking to help eliminate waste, minimise inventory and improve workflow. They often ask igus to help them take costs out of their machines and systems to address customer demand as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Engineering plastic bearings and e-chains can help reduce component costs and offer better solutions to traditional metallic counterparts. However, there is often a limit to the savings that can be achieved. Populating energy chains with cables and hoses on site before installing them on machines can result in wasted time for manufacturers. With this in mind, igus offers its readychain service, whereby the energy chain is pre-harnessed with cables and hoses to the exact customer specification and delivered ready-to-fit. This eliminates wasted time in the process, improving customer productivity for machine and system builders.